March 23, 2010

Aint Nobody Need to See That

Another Monday came and went and I did not get "My Memory Monday," post up. This has a lot to do with the kids having the day off, a weekend spent swimming, and laundry piles that had grown so large that I almost couldn't get into the laundry room.

Where the heck do all those clothes come from?

Sometimes I have fantasies about striking a match and walking away. However, that would mean my children would go to school naked, my husband would go to work naked, and I would go to work naked.

Aint nobody need to see that.

So I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing laundry.

All for you!

So in light of the fact that I am falling behind on another project I am switching things up a bit. I will be posting, "My Memory Monday's" post the first Monday of every month. I really hope you join me and write a post. I have been amazed at what I have learned about myself through these post. Even if I'm not actually getting them posted. OH Brother.

Also, we have a few changes around here. That I am going to get into over the next few weeks. Including our family dropping sugar out of their diet. The entire family. Our official start date is the day after Easter. However, we are in the process of changing a lot of foods in the house. The official rule is Sugar (in any form, this includes High Fructose Corn Syrup) can not be included in the first two ingredients. We have been shocked what that has included.

So far we are going to have to quit eating cold cereal, low fat yogurt, catsup, and BBQ sauce. Also we have to change our salad dressing. We are finding that pretty much anything that we eat that says low fat means high sugar. Yes, we knew that but we didn't realize just how high the sugar was.

I feel this will be a good change for our family but change always means trouble. Well I need to scram. Off to work and a busy day ahead. Hope you are enjoying some kind of sun wherever you are.

Warm Hugs and Prayers


Angie said...

You know what my very favorite salad dressing is? No joke? Plain ole vinegar and oil. No sugar in that! Add some tomatoes and feta cheese and voila! You got yourself a pretty good knock-off Greek salad. Mmm Mmm Mmm.

Krissi said...

That does sound pretty good. I will have to pass the recipe on to to the master chef.

Me, Myself and I said...

The DAY after Easter? You have to give yourselves at least one week to get all the candy in.