March 07, 2010

And the Good News

Now for the good news, because this blog has rules, to many rules if you ask me.

Good news number one, “WELCOME,” to my new blog created by a super talented chick at Adori graphics check out her link in the side bar. This is a one of a kind template created just for me and I love it.

I especially like my banner with the Momma bird getting uptight at her little bird trying to fly off. So much like my life right now. All of my little birds are trying to fly off with their own wings.

This weekend we were at a swim meet. I know nothing too new about that. However, S. did awesome she has such a hard time aging up into the category she is in now. It was so much to watch her swim this weekend. I could actually see her old self come back.

State is in two weeks and I have not been looking forward to going. However, after this weekend I am excited. I think S. will hold her own and do well.

In more exciting news, well at least for me it is exciting, Willow has agreed to a second Memory Monday post that will be going up tomorrow. That girl just cracks me up. Big thanks to her for writing the post in the middle of her son’s science experiment.

Finally, we have 9 o’clock church, which means I get a Sunday afternoon nap. So off I go to bury under some warm fuzzy blankets and try to get rid of this nasty head cold.

Sleepy Hugs and Prayers

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