March 04, 2010

Feel the Love, or at least the Warmth

This folks is what you would call a random post.

Which is basically all of my post.

So you should be use to it by now.

We have this cat.


Her name is Carmen.

Brent hates Carmen and Carmen hates Brent.

Given Brent is allergic to cats his feelings are understandable.

Given Brent yells at Carmen and stomps at her and tells her to go away her feelings are understandable.

However, Carmen likes to be warm. She likes to cuddle up on warm fuzzy blankets. One her favorite spots during Christmas is under the lit Christmas tree. 1000 lights produces considerable heat.


This winter has been cold. Bone chilling cold. I have not been happy and Carmen has not been happy.

Leading her to do something she wouldn't generally do.

Cuddle with the warmest human in the house.


Who pretends he doesn't notice she is cuddled up against him.

Because Brent hates Carmen and Carmen hates Brent.

At least that is Brent's story and he is sticking to it.

Hugs and Prayers