March 01, 2010

My Memory Monday

When I started school I was barely five years old. Having a summer birthday I was one of the youngest students in the classroom.

This really didn’t matter because I was more than ready to start school.

My first teacher was Mrs. Choate. However, I thought her name was Mrs. Choake. I thought it was scary to have a teacher named Mrs. Choake.

All year long every time I said Mrs. Choake she would correct me and say Mrs. Choate. I think I was in the third grade before I realized she was correcting me.

This may have possibly been my very first blonde moment. I really had no clue why she always repeated her name back to me.

Every time she said Mrs. Choate I would think, ”Yes, I know Mrs. Choake. Why are you correcting me?”

When I started kindergarten I knew all my ABC’s and had the amazing ability of writing my name. It was pretty awesome. Especially considering I had to explain that I was not named Kristi that my name was Krissi. That is another story for another day.

By the time I finished Kindergarten I could read. Yay Me! However, I had no recall of the alphabet or the reason for said alphabet.

Phonics, phish, letters “Whatever!” I could read. Why did I need to know the alphabet? It is amazing how little I have changed over the last thirty years. By the time I finished kindergarten I had firmly established that;

First, I was a blonde maybe not literally a blonde but anyone who goes a full year not using her teacher’s name correctly has some blonde going on.

Second, once I decided something is unnecessary my brain refuses to learn said useless information.

To this day I have my blonde moments and my brain still refuses to process useless information. Well what my brain deems as useless information, like the alphabet, there is some of that information that I need to know, but the little voice in my heads repeats over and over, “I don’t care”.

To cap off my kindergarten year I received a brand new baby brother on the last day of school. So all in all kindergarten was pretty good to me. If anyone runs into Mrs. Choate please tell her I figured it out.

Hugs and Prayers

PS Okay, next week was suppose to be 4th-6th but don’t you want to know what happened when I showed up to first grade without ABC? Next week FIRST GRADE!

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