March 08, 2010

Do You Like Me?

This My Memory Monday brought to you by the Beautifully Wicked Willow.

Take it away Willow. . .

There are so many memories from my first 3 years of school.  In kindergarten I said my first curse word.  My friend Sarah told me the foul four letter word and I repeated it, and then we both had to stay after scool that day.  We had to stack all the chairs on top of the table... for us, it seemed like honest to goodness torture.  Some experiences bond you to those around you.  Sarah and I became best friends for years; all through elementary (even when she was put in Catholic school for not giving up those naughty words), junior high and high school.  Even now; many, many, MANY years since the chair incident, we still giggle like school-girls when we run into eachother around town.

First grade was a bit easier.  I knew how to be a student and I had the nicest first grade teacher in the whole school.  Mrs. Broomstopple was students' dream come true -- and she thought I was brilliant and darling... all was right with the world!  However, sometime during the second quarter I was placed in the Blue Jay reading group, suddenly all was NOT right with the world.  The Blue Jays were good readers, but they were not the best readers in the class and I liked to be the best at everything!  I began to feel sick more and more often.  In first grade, I actually faked an asthma attack to stay home and avoid the horror that was the Blue Jay group (fun fact: faking an asthma attack will cause a big, fat, real asthma attack).  After a few days of me really faking sick, my parents talked with me and my teacher.  I explained that I would try much harder and my teacher told my parents that I was right on the cusp of the Red Robin group and she just didn't want to overwhelm me.  It was agreed that I could be a Red Robin... and again, all was right with the world.

Kinder and first were happy-go-lucky years.  However, second grade was the year I discovered boys!!!  I wish I could tell you there was one boy in particular, but I am a girl who likes to have options.  Why limit yourself to one boy when you are a carefree seven year-old?  I was in love with my class... every boy in my class!!  Well, there is one exception -- I had no affection for the boy that ate ereasers and picked his nose.  However, every other boy was on my list of cutest boys ever.  When we lined up for lunch, I was intentionally be the last girl in line -- then I could stand next to the first boy.  ::sigh::  The same was true when we went to the library.  ::double sigh::  I wrote 13 notes all saying, "do you like me?  Check 'yes' or 'no.'"  I made gushy valentines with hearts,  flowers, and candy (I knew that boys liked candy).  I played soccer and tag at lunchtime and avoided the girl-infested jungle-gym and swingset.  I learned the words to every Michael Jackson song; all this was in an effort to impress those fickle second grade boys.  Sadly, every attempt to win their affections failed.... until third grade.

In third grade, John Botello (the most darling of my second grade non-paramours) approached me in the library.  He casually broached the subject of our previous year with the classy line of, "Um, remember how you loved all of us last year?  Do you still love me?  Cause I think you got really cute over the summer.  Like, so much cuter than you were last year."   I told him the truth --Poor John, how was he supposed to know that over the summer I had fallen out of love with boys at school? . . .  Boys at church didn't run as fast -- not that I ever caught any of them either, at least not romantically.


Louise said...

That was a cure story :-)

Krissi said...

I laugh every time I read this love you like crazy girl.