March 12, 2010

So Long, Farewell

The sun is shining. 

I’m thinking everyday that the sun is shining I am going to start a post that says the sun is shining.

That way I will know during the long days of winter where the sun refuses to shine that eventually it will shine.

I realize starting every post with, “The sun is shining,” may get a tad annoying but the one thing you can be sure of is that it will stop. I live in Utah and eventually the sun stops shining.

Today, the sun is shining. Today I get to go to the nursery. In my ever to be humble opinion there is no place better on earth than the nursery. Maybe the bookstore but right now after a long winter the nursery is my favorite place.

We are busy planning our garden and deciding what we are going to plant this year. Brent is in charge of the vegetable garden. I listen to his plans. I nod in agreement, and I think about my flowers. I had so much fun last year trying new flowers that I can’t wait to try even more new flowers this year.

Currently, I have six flats of snapdragons growing in my window. My little babies are doing good. Little bits of green are poking up all over the yard with a tiny flower here and there.

I have tripped over more than one blog mentioning spring and it looks like I’m not the only one ready to say farewell to winter.

How about you, are you looking forward to spring and summer?

Happy Hugs and Prayers


Willow said...

At 100+ degrees for most of the summer, no I am not looking forward to it. However, I love spring! Today we are having a glorious spring day -- it is 74 degrees and sunny with clear, blue skies.

Don't be too jealous; the skies will turn dark tonight as a new storm front blows in.

Louise said...

I live in Denmark, and we have just been through the hardest winter in 15 years with snow since mid-December and its not all gone yet, and I've been wearing boots for close to 4 months EVERY day, and I am SO looking forward to spring. We are used to mild, albeit rainy, winters with one or two blizzards, where the snow disappears after another day. But this year....we've had countless blizzards, the temps were below zero for weeks and weeks, so the snow was not melting, and arrrghhhh....just want spring now. And small shoes. And no heavy boots. And no more snow!