March 16, 2010

Sun, Basketball, State and Soccer

The sun is shining (what I told you I would do it) and all I want to do is be outside soaking up as many rays as I possibly can.

This happens every year and the results in piles of laundry, piles of dishes, unwashed clothes, and unmade beds.

Because, I need the sun!

I have swore that this year will be different I will not neglect my house! I will not neglect my blog! I will not neglect my homework!

Then the sun shines and I do all of the above. It is sad but true.

This week is turning out to be all kinds of fun.

Last night was Al’s end of season basketball party. I will be honest and tell you I was not thrilled when I found out who her coach was going to be. He has kind of a reputation for being a bit mean. In fact in our house before this season we didn’t even know his name. We just referred to him as “Mean Coach.” Once again I have learned that you cannot judge a book by the cover.

Coach Tre turned out to be an awesome coach and Al had a wonderful basketball season and learned so much. Last night she won the title Sassy Al and “Best rebounder.” Which she is (Sassy) and was (Best rebounder). I think it is so awesome that Coach Tre and his assistant Coach John really got to know the girls and he really taught them something. I wouldn’t be surprised if Al sticks to basketball after this experience.

S. is gearing up for Short Course State this weekend. We received the Psyche sheet last night and she saw just how hard she is going to have to work at this meet. She hasn’t been ranked this low in a long time. She took a little bit of hit seeing where she placed, have I mentioned how hard aging up has been on her, it is crazy how fast these girls swim. A couple of the girls she will swim against have national rankings. I will let you know how the weekend plays out but if you could send some speedy thoughts towards S. she could use them.

A. and H. are starting soccer. I can hardly believe it is time for soccer to begin. Seems just like yesterday that it ended. Next weekend we will be back into soccer mode. Pray for lots of warm weather I don’t think I can take a cold spring.

Well I have went on a bit and if you stuck through to the end you rock! I did not forget “My Memory Monday” post I even have it written just not typed and posted. Hey! Did I mention the sun was shinning. ☺ Next week it will be up because I HAVE RULES!

Warm Sunny Hugs and Prayers

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