April 12, 2010


Back to the real world. After a week of spring break we are back to the real world. 

Sometimes the real world is a little lame. 

On the other hand having the kids home 24, 7....

Well, let's just say the real world aint that  bad.

We had a fairly productive spring break. We were able to get a bunch of have to's taken care of. Al, Brent, and I made it into the eye doctor and will soon be sporting some new eyes.

Glasses just keep getting cooler. My glasses are red with bling on the side and Al's are a very cool turquoise blue. Brent's glasses are a little boring, but being as this is his very first pair ever, we are breaking him into the eye glass world slowly.

Brent and I also painted our room. Pictures coming as soon as I decide if I like the paint color. I broke away from our norm and painted the room gray. It is so different that I haven't decided if it is awesome or not. Definitely need to get some artwork on the wall. 

This post is a little lame but mainly I just wanted to say HI! Feels like forever since I lasted posted. Hopefully, I can get back into the groove. I'm off I get to play at the pool for a little bit tonight.

Hugs and Prayers


Willow said...

Ooooh, gray!! My boys have a very gray/blue room. I love the intensity of the color in there.

I am considering going a silvery/slate/gray in our bedroom.... as soon as I find a paint chip that matches the color in my head, I'll be in business.

Our house is lacking in color. We did a rush monotone paint job when we moved in and it has stayed that way for far too long. I am ready for some serious color.

JanuskieZ said...
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