April 23, 2010

Still Kicking

Where have I been?

Life has turned into a flow of constant business. All of the kids are involved in activities. Multiple activities, as we have come to that time of the year where early spring activities are overlapping with late spring activities. Brent and I spend the night running back and forth from one place to the next. It is enough to make a parent dizzy.

The truth is, We Love It!

The kids are having fun, they are active, and involved in activities they enjoy. If it weren’t for all the run, run, run life would be pretty dang good.  

Ok, even with the run, run, run life is pretty dang awesome.

Sometimes I can’t help but feel blessed.

Last night was my first official night as a student in the elementary education program. It was an orientation where we were informed of everything we have to accomplish in order to get a degree. To say we were all a little overwhelmed would be an under statement.

It reminded me of the joke, “How do you eat an elephant. One bite at a time.” This degree is feeling a 
little like eating that elephant.

S. is reading a book right now about improving her swimming. The book is really big on positive affirmations’. She shared with me the one that the author uses often, “I have unlimited potential.”

I have the feeling that I will be posting that saying all over the house for the next few years.

I just wanted to drop in and say hi. A friend was kind enough to drop me an email and ask where I was. I really do miss taking the time to post. My camera is over flowing with pictures. Including a gnarly one of Brent’s arm with 17 stitches. GROSS!!

Hopefully, I can get back into the blogging flow soon.

Hugs and Prayers,


trpbeck said...

Krissy! I've been waiting for the "elementary ed!" post! (Guess I could just ask you when I see you at the school, huh?) I'm sooo excited for you! Don't let it overwhelm you. If you need help with ANYTHING, let me know! I'd love to re-live my BSED program. Sometimes I think my Masters Counseling program is pulling me too far from my roots!

Willow said...

YAY!!! Welcome back.... I've missed you!

As one who has just finished the credentialing program, it is exactly like eating an elephant. At times you'll be asked to sample the less appealing parts of that elephant, but you can absolutely do it! Keeping a check-list of each classes requirements helped me prioritize what assignments needed to be worked on and when. I know you have a syllabus, but I found a seperate check-list to be very helpful. Besides, there is nothing quite as satisfying as looking back at the end of the term at all the stuff you accomplished.

Hang in there..... you'll do great!!