May 30, 2010

Hi, Yo Whaz Up?

Did anyone see Glee this week? I love that show, truthfully I could do without the story lines most weeks but the songs are so awesome.

I just laugh and smile like a big goon through most of the shows. 

Well if you didn't see Glee this week you might have to head over to Hulu and check it out. 

Why? Well because it was an episode chuck full of Lady Ga Ga songs. 

It was awesome. 

I might have already mentioned that. 

Anyway, I'm on a little bit of a Lady Ga Ga kick because I was coerced, compelled, leaned on, talked into going to her concert.

Oh but wait, it gets better.


I will give you a moment to quit laughing and breathe.

Yes, next March Brent and I will be at a rock concert. Honestly, can you even breathe through the laughter? Okay, well I plan on documenting the experience. Because I never thought the day would come that Brent would be at a rock concert.

Some people have questioned the wisdom of a Lady Ga Ga concert. All I have to say is sometimes you have to break out of your box and see the world from a new perspective. Besides Brent says it is okay so it must be.

May 17, 2010

"I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me."

First of all the tooth came out. With just a few tears and the tiniest bit of drama. There is hardly even a story to tell. It was all very anticlimatic after all the tears of all the previous teeth.

Second of all today totally sucked! AHHH! Why can't I catch a break I feel like my life is becoming a very steep roller coaster. A whole lot of climbing and stomache turning falling. When did I get on this roller coaster and HOW the heck do I get off?

I want off RIGHT NOW!!

That is enough moaning and groaning.

Gee, where did Al get all of her drama.

It is such a mystery.

I had a serious pout happening and was spending a good amount of time clicking around facebook. When I came across a video some one posted. That made me think.


Then I went to youtube to find the video and spent another hour watching motivational videos. Im feeling a lot better. I know I'm a nerd. I can't help it. The videos had all kinds of corny and full of motivational quotes. For some reason when your in a mood those are the best.

Anyway, there were several great ones but below is one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy and if you are in a pouty mood hopefully it turns that frown upside down.

Yah, yah I know lame.

Smiles, Hugs, and Prayers

May 15, 2010

The Last One

The last one is a wigglin.

The last one is a bleedn.

The last one is ready to come out.

Wish us luck!

She is pacing and fretting and trying to work up the nerve to pull it out.

Have I mentioned it is the LAST ONE.

Thank Goodness

Don't have a clue what I am talking about. Click Here and here.

Tooth Fairy Hugs and Prayers


Things to do today!

Soccer (of Course it is Saturday what else could I possibly have planned!)

Plant Garden. Yes! Plant garden, the weather is finally giving us a break and we are going to plant the garden. Which I know is my faithful reader(s) favorite time of year.

I feel it is important to start off a Saturday of hard labor with as much humor as possible.

Last night I made (MADE) the kids help clean up a few of the flower beds and get things ready for planting.

Two thumbs up for the boys who did an awesome job helping without any eye rolls.

Two Oscars for the girls who did a wonderful acting job of being tortured. One of these days those eyes are going to roll so far back into their heads and stick.

By the end of the day all the planting should be done and then I will be able to enjoy fusing over my plants and of course torturing my blog readers with flowers and a vegetable or two.

Aren't you excited I get to plant today.

Warm Sunny Hugs and Prayers

May 10, 2010

The Gold Star Hubby

*Big Sigh*

Okay, I’m going to admit that a very good mother’s day goes along way in restoring my notion of motherhood.

 If you haven’t noticed the last couple of weeks around here have been a bit dramatic. I have been feeling over worked, over whelmed and in need of something.

Lucky for me that something was an awesome Mother’s Day.

In general I am not a big fan of Mother’s Day. In the past Mother’s Day felt a little like a big stick hitting me on the head. Each thunk on the head felt like a reminder of  everything that I do wrong. Let’s face it mother’s are human so they make their fair share of mistakes.

Including, writing the wrong time for a soccer game down and showing up a quarter late. Who ME?

 Having a day to celebrate those mistakes seems a little...unnecessary.

Well this year the hubby and the kids pulled out the stops and I had a good day. Starting with a great Mother’s Day Program at Church and ending with my dear hubby taking very good care of me.

I have been doing quite a bit of thinking over the last few weeks, as my moods ran somewhere between a hungry dragon and the wicked witch of the west. I realize that all to often I let my life overwhelm me.
Being as I am me I have a few thoughts on that. 

However, kids need to get off to school and I need to get ready for work.  Funny how life never really slows down and lets you do what you want when you want.

I hope you all have a great Monday.

Hugs and Prayers

May 04, 2010


Well if any of you out there are facebook friends with my daughter you know that she has been scheduled for surgery.

Life has had more than its fair share of drama over the past six months, as all of us started to recognize that the pain she was experiencing was a little more than normal growing pains.

It turns out her shoulder muscles are not holding her shoulder in the proper place. Also, there seems to be some issue with the bones in her shoulder but at this time due to the fact that she is still growing the Dr. does not plan on touching her bones. S. will have an MRI on her shoulder tomorrow but as of right now the Dr. feels that at some point in time she tore a muscle and it healed very loose.

He is very confused why S. does not know what she did. He feels it would have been a very dramatic experience and she would have been in a significant amount of pain. He is also confused at why she is not currently in a significant amount of pain. All I can think is that she must have a high thresh hold to pain. Who knows.

Like I said we will have more details in the days to come but as of now we know that she is out of the water for the summer. Tears have been shed. She will have about a six month recovery time. Again, more tears. Also, if she chooses to keep swimming there will probably be another surgery after she is done growing. More tears! Or when she gets older. So surgery young or old this will be one of two surgeries she will have on her shoulder.

She loves swimming and the Dr. does not feel there is any reason to stop or not to pursue her goals in the swimming world. That was nice to hear because as a mom you worry that she has to stop and that would crush her.

Tomorrow she goes in for the MRI and after school is out she will have surgery. Now the only thing left to do is to figure out how to keep, an one armed, almost 14 year old entertained through the whole summer.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.

May 01, 2010

I was not Warned!

Nobody warned me. However, it doesn't matter.

I wouldn't have listened.

I still would have done things the same way I did them.

I think.

I'm not sure.

Because nobody warned me.

Nobody warned me that having four children meant I was outnumbered. That being outnumbered means they are able to do any number of sly and trouble making acts without me even noticing.

Because I DO NOT have eight sets of eyes.

Nobody warned me that the baby of the group would be the biggest trouble maker of them all.




he is just the baby.

Except that HE IS NOT a baby.

He is a seven year old who, when asked to clean out under his bed, promptly threw everything in the trash. Which, I didn't notice until I had cleaned out the litter box and noticed the cord, the socks, the... WHAT!

Yup, the seven year old is currently digging through the kitty litter trash bag for non garbage items. Like his soccer cleat.

Don't judge me!