May 04, 2010


Well if any of you out there are facebook friends with my daughter you know that she has been scheduled for surgery.

Life has had more than its fair share of drama over the past six months, as all of us started to recognize that the pain she was experiencing was a little more than normal growing pains.

It turns out her shoulder muscles are not holding her shoulder in the proper place. Also, there seems to be some issue with the bones in her shoulder but at this time due to the fact that she is still growing the Dr. does not plan on touching her bones. S. will have an MRI on her shoulder tomorrow but as of right now the Dr. feels that at some point in time she tore a muscle and it healed very loose.

He is very confused why S. does not know what she did. He feels it would have been a very dramatic experience and she would have been in a significant amount of pain. He is also confused at why she is not currently in a significant amount of pain. All I can think is that she must have a high thresh hold to pain. Who knows.

Like I said we will have more details in the days to come but as of now we know that she is out of the water for the summer. Tears have been shed. She will have about a six month recovery time. Again, more tears. Also, if she chooses to keep swimming there will probably be another surgery after she is done growing. More tears! Or when she gets older. So surgery young or old this will be one of two surgeries she will have on her shoulder.

She loves swimming and the Dr. does not feel there is any reason to stop or not to pursue her goals in the swimming world. That was nice to hear because as a mom you worry that she has to stop and that would crush her.

Tomorrow she goes in for the MRI and after school is out she will have surgery. Now the only thing left to do is to figure out how to keep, an one armed, almost 14 year old entertained through the whole summer.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.


Willow said...

14, huh? It seems to me that there are enough boys in the world to keep a 14 year-old girl entertained ALL SUMMER LONG!!! =)

katiedid said...

Wishing you all good things and a very speedy recovery. Do you have Academic Talent Search in your town? It is a summer program of fun classes like photography, art, etc. at Cal State in Sacramento. Perhaps they have something similar where you are. My girls liked it!

Angie said...

Come join us at the Summer Movie Camp at Syracuse 6. C'mon it'll be fun! Okay, okay. I gotcha. But I say definitely no boys. ;)

SAS said...

Bummer deal. Boys are dumb, keep reminding her of that. Lots of books!