May 15, 2010


Things to do today!

Soccer (of Course it is Saturday what else could I possibly have planned!)

Plant Garden. Yes! Plant garden, the weather is finally giving us a break and we are going to plant the garden. Which I know is my faithful reader(s) favorite time of year.

I feel it is important to start off a Saturday of hard labor with as much humor as possible.

Last night I made (MADE) the kids help clean up a few of the flower beds and get things ready for planting.

Two thumbs up for the boys who did an awesome job helping without any eye rolls.

Two Oscars for the girls who did a wonderful acting job of being tortured. One of these days those eyes are going to roll so far back into their heads and stick.

By the end of the day all the planting should be done and then I will be able to enjoy fusing over my plants and of course torturing my blog readers with flowers and a vegetable or two.

Aren't you excited I get to plant today.

Warm Sunny Hugs and Prayers

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