June 28, 2010

Every Single Day?

Summer is zooming. This weekend is the 4th of July which means an entire month of summer will be gone.


Life use to slow down during the summer. Long hot days with little to nothing to do. I'm missing those days.

Someday, I'm going to be bored and wondering why I ever thought being bored was a good thing. As for our busy summer, mostly it is just the same ole same ole.

Work, school, kids... and repeat.

Meanwhile, Lazy Sue or should I say Lazy Krissi has climbed her rear back upon the bike. I kind of kept my mouth shut about it for a couple weeks because we all know how fast I give up on exercise.

I am the queen of exercise excuses. I say that but really my only excuse is sleep. I like sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep is wonderful!

Okay, you get the point. However, through sure grit, determination, and a lot of self bribery I am on my third week of exercise.

Hey, where are my balloons and streamers?

It should so work that way. I exercise and instantly loose 80 pounds. So not fair that it doesn't work like that. This week it is actually getting a little easier. Which basically means when I sit down on the bicycle seat I don't want to cry. Another thing I don't quite understand why is sitting on a bicycle seat so freak'n miserable.

I have now worked my way up to 12 miles and laugh that I ever rode a bike 100 miles. Did I really do that? Because, I am telling you 12 feels like torture so there is no possible way I ever did 100. It is amazing how quickly I gain weight, get out of shape, and basically blow all the hard work I put in.

It is like your suppose to never stop.


I'm not suppose to stop? You mean I have to do this every day for the rest of my life?

So NOT fair.

I think I need a brownie.

Just kidding.

Happy Monday Everyone

Oh, I almost forgot S. is having her stitches taken out today. Woo Hoo only four more weeks and Nemo will be free of the sling.

June 23, 2010

I Act like I'm 90

Yesterday was my first day back in the water. I have to admit that I approached going back to the pool with a little bit of dread. Being in the water working with kids for four hours makes me feel old. by the time I get out I am starving and tired. I came home yesterday ate lunch and took a nap. GEESH! You would think I was 90.

However, by the time my first class was over I was reminded how dang cute the kids are. Not to mention how rewarding it is to gain all the little one's trust and teach them a new skill. I really do enjoy it.

You are all going to reminded me I said that over the next few weeks, RIGHT?

As for the rest of the family. They are doing good we are having a lazy summer as we take it easy and let S. recover. She is doing good. Her pain is way down and only when she does to much does she start hurting. She and Brent have started walks. She is trying to keep in shape the best she can with only one arm. Yesterday there walk lasted over an hour so she must be on the mend.

Also, yesterday A. took a nasty spill on his bike. It stopped my heart a little when he came into the house with a torn shirt and major road rash across is chest. I didn't quite understand what he had done but he spent the rest of the day in pain. I'm also guessing by the look of his chest he may be out of the water for the rest of the week.

'This is the only picture I was allowed to take. So it is a bit blurry. We eventually found out what he was doing and all I can say is boys sometimes are not the smartest of creatures.

I figure at this rate this family is going to be a family of gimps by the end of the summer. The clock is ticking and I now have a work schedule to follow. Hope your enjoying the summer and getting plenty of sun.

June 17, 2010

Girl's Pictures

It is that time of the year where I try to update the kid's pictures.

I wanted to have S.'s pictures taken before her surgery since I wasn't exactly sure how she would feel after the surgery.

We attended the 80th birthday party of my Grandma on the 5th and I took the girl's pictures shortly before we left.

Now I just have to grab the boy's pictures on a day they both are clean and spiffy. Not always an easy task.


This is not S.'s favorite but it happens to be mine. Probably because this is the face that I always get. Especially, when I say something intelligent. Because you know that she thinks everything I say is smart and witty.

I bet if you looked in the mirror right now you are making the same face.


This was actually my second favorite one of Al. The first one she had her glasses on and there was a reflection I can't get rid of. I can't believe how grown up she is looking in this picture. A reminder that all of the little ones are growing up.

Does anyone know how to stop all of this growing up business?

June 15, 2010

Goat for Sale?

Sunday night at dinner, Al asked if we could get a goat.


“Ummm, why do you want a goat?” I asked.

“Because they are cute!” she replied.

“Probably not?” I responded.

“But Why?” she asked.

Oh boy, how I hate these conversations, because if she understood the why’s she would not be asking me for a goat to begin with. Besides that I was tired and I really didn’t want to have the conversation, “Why we should not get a goat.” So tired and not in the mood to argue I said, “Tell you what if you can go the entire summer without fighting with anyone then we will get a goat.”

“Really, I can get my very own goat if I don’t fight with anyone all summer.”


In my mind, I was thinking it is not ever going to happen. Seriously, I don’t even remember the last time we made it 6 hours without someone fighting with someone. The whole summer! No goat for us and no long conversation. It was a total win, win conversation.

Then A. popped in. “I don’t want a goat I want an Xbox 360.”

It was at this time I was feeling cocky. “Sure, I replied you go the whole summer not fighting with anyone and you can get an Xbox, and you can get a goat.”

In my head, I was laughing hysterically. BECAUSE they would not even make it 24 hours.

I was feeling all kinds of smart. Almost like, I could write a book. “How Not to Argue with your Kids.” A few hours later A. came to me and said, “Mom, three months is a long time what if I trade one month of not arguing for one month of cleaning the kitchen.”

“Let me get this straight you’re going to clean the kitchen everyday for a month and not fight for two months for an X-box.”


“Okay,” I said. Because it is not ever going to happen.

Except now we are two days into this little deal, there has been NO fighting, and my kitchen is clean. I am feeling like maybe I should not have been so cocky.

Anyone know where I can buy a goat?

June 14, 2010

Causing Damage

There use to be this blog that I read daily. The blog was cute, witty, and fun.

The writer of the blog was a mom of three boys, christen and had built her dream house.

I liked the blog. I enjoyed reading the blog.

Then one day the blog became a .com. At first I wasn’t crazy about the new format because I don’t do change. However, after a little bit I adjusted and continued to read.

Except for the tone of the blog/.com was changing. It wasn’t nearly as cute and witty. Also, it was definitely moving away from fun.

I kept reading because sometimes a writer just has a bad streak. One day the cute, witty, fun writer would return. Except that one day dawned and she became an atheist.

I read her a few days more after she became an atheist. I kind of understood where she was coming from. Bad things happen and it is hard not to question God. Faith in a greater deity should protect us from all the horrific things that happen.

Only it doesn’t. It is the whole faith, freedom to choose, and balance of good and evil.

I quit reading the blog/.com. Not because she became an atheist but because the cute, witty and fun writer had disappeared completely.

She was replaced by a writer so full of venom and spit her site left me feeling yucky, sad, and frankly ticked. Ticked because now she attacks. She attacks other writers, Christens, and the world in general.

There is good in nothing. Everything, everyone is out to get her. Gone is the light that made her fun and witty. I have never experienced in my life watching the light of someone’s faith go out. This is my first experience and all though I do not know her personally her writing reflects what she is going through.

The last time I clicked onto her site I hoped that some of the hate had fled. Only what I found is that it had only increased. Today, I felt sad. Sad because having faith and doing what is right is hard. Really, confronting the world daily with some humility and faith is not easy. Sometimes you just want to kick and scream and yell, “Not Fair, Not Fair!”

Only who said life was fair or suppose to be fair. At the end the only thing we can hope for is that we loved, learned, laughed, and made it through with out to much damage.

Maybe that is why we try to do what is right because when we stoop trying we cause damage that doesn’t need to be caused.

Hugs and Prayers,

June 12, 2010

Post Op

We are three days post op and S. is doing great.

Her pain is mellowing out and she is in great spirits.

We found out this week that she is looking at 12 months before she can expect to be 100%.

During the surgery the surgeon used scopes and we were able to have pictures of what was going on in her shoulder. It was nice because after lots of speculation about what happened to her shoulder we were able to see that swimming happened to her shoulder.

It was kind of a good news bad news moment. Turns out that S. is just super flexible the surgeon told us that all of her joints have lots of flexibility. Which makes her a great swimmer. However, given that she is already flexible swimming worked to stretch her out even more. Leading to the muscles in her shoulder becoming too loose to hold her shoulder in place.

Obviously, I am concerned that continuing to swim will cause more damage. When I asked the surgeon about this he feels that we should worry about it when we need to worry about it. They did check her right shoulder during surgery and feel that there is no problem.

I’m not really the type of person that doesn’t worry about things until I have to. I am more the type who worries about everything. I just keep thinking about how much S. loves to swim and reminding myself that she may never have to do this again or she might. Is it worth pulling her out of the pool for what might happen?

Ultimately, it is the type of question that parents are always asking. What is best for my kid? However, she is getting older and more and more I am stepping back and letting her make decisions on her own.

Again not really the type of person that I am.

Below are the surgery pictures. Kind of cool if your interested.

June 05, 2010

Reminding Myself

Yesterday was the last day of school. The three youngest kids came home with their report cards and the name of next years teachers. I am finding it hard to believe that I will have a second, fifth, sixth, and eighth grader. I don't know where the time keeps going.

We have a pretty busy first week of summer and then things calm down considerably. Well as calmed down as life gets with four growing children. Brent and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary the other day. I had to laugh as the celebrating didn't take place until 8 o'clock at night due to kid's activities.

It is times like those I like to remind myself that one day our time and attention will not be in as much demand. I find myself doing that a lot lately reminding myself...

Reminding myself the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Reminding myself that there are people who are worse off than I.

Reminding myself that life does not progress on my time table.

So much reminding and I get to feeling a little grouchy.

I don't think I am alone. There is a whole country who is dealing with the consequences of unemployment, under unemployment, and just the feelings of being overwhelmed.

I guess it is easy to look at others and feel they aren't feeling it as much as you are. The truth is we don't know what other people are going through. The old saying, "Don't judge a man before you walk a mile in his shoes." I guess that is why I keep reminding myself to live today and worry about tomorrow...well tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I just need to focus more on the good and less on the things that are out of my control.

Even though it would be nice to have a great big EASY button.

Hugs, Laughter, and Prayers

June 02, 2010


We were two kids, really nothing more than two, really young, naïve, kids.

1995 Krissi and Brent

Then time began to march.

Today it is 15 years.

No longer two young kids.  We are a little older, a tiny bit wiser, and a bit more round.

However, it seems like just yesterday that he said, “Will ya?” and I said, “Sure”.

1995 6 Brent and Krissi Wedding Reception

June 01, 2010

Hands Up, It's a Party!

This morning Myself and Me had a long conversation.

Myself, is a little irked at Me.

Because Me has not been getting herself out of bed and getting her growing rear to the gym.

Me claims sleep is way more important than workouts.

Me says, “Sleep good, Sweat BAD!”

Myself has had about enough of lazy ME.

Several threats later and Me was begrudgingly on her way to the gym. Stupid gym!

At the gym, up the stairs, iPod powered on, and on to the elliptical Me went. Me was not happy as her legs began to move.

Then suddenly one of Me’s favorite songs came on. Then Me boogied. Me moved her rear and Me felt great.

Oh endorphins! Endorphins are way better than chocolate. Except for the whole getting out of bed, getting to the gym, and moving quickly.

Myself is not saying I told you so but you know she is thinking it.

Meanwhile, Me is wondering what other people think when they see her at the gym with her IPOD.
Turns out that when she puts her earphones in she forgets that she isn’t a rock star.

So she dances, sings the chorus, and moves her bootie. She wonders why know one else is dancing. But I think we have already covered the fact that Me is a little slow. However, she knows how to rock Green Day.