June 14, 2010

Causing Damage

There use to be this blog that I read daily. The blog was cute, witty, and fun.

The writer of the blog was a mom of three boys, christen and had built her dream house.

I liked the blog. I enjoyed reading the blog.

Then one day the blog became a .com. At first I wasn’t crazy about the new format because I don’t do change. However, after a little bit I adjusted and continued to read.

Except for the tone of the blog/.com was changing. It wasn’t nearly as cute and witty. Also, it was definitely moving away from fun.

I kept reading because sometimes a writer just has a bad streak. One day the cute, witty, fun writer would return. Except that one day dawned and she became an atheist.

I read her a few days more after she became an atheist. I kind of understood where she was coming from. Bad things happen and it is hard not to question God. Faith in a greater deity should protect us from all the horrific things that happen.

Only it doesn’t. It is the whole faith, freedom to choose, and balance of good and evil.

I quit reading the blog/.com. Not because she became an atheist but because the cute, witty and fun writer had disappeared completely.

She was replaced by a writer so full of venom and spit her site left me feeling yucky, sad, and frankly ticked. Ticked because now she attacks. She attacks other writers, Christens, and the world in general.

There is good in nothing. Everything, everyone is out to get her. Gone is the light that made her fun and witty. I have never experienced in my life watching the light of someone’s faith go out. This is my first experience and all though I do not know her personally her writing reflects what she is going through.

The last time I clicked onto her site I hoped that some of the hate had fled. Only what I found is that it had only increased. Today, I felt sad. Sad because having faith and doing what is right is hard. Really, confronting the world daily with some humility and faith is not easy. Sometimes you just want to kick and scream and yell, “Not Fair, Not Fair!”

Only who said life was fair or suppose to be fair. At the end the only thing we can hope for is that we loved, learned, laughed, and made it through with out to much damage.

Maybe that is why we try to do what is right because when we stoop trying we cause damage that doesn’t need to be caused.

Hugs and Prayers,


Me, Myself and I said...

This song popped in my head after reading your post. Whether it's relatively related or not, I don't know - good song nontheless;


Krissi said...

Oh, Ash love this song it is one my favorites. How often do I say that? It is totally what I am talking about. Thanks for posting the link.