June 28, 2010

Every Single Day?

Summer is zooming. This weekend is the 4th of July which means an entire month of summer will be gone.


Life use to slow down during the summer. Long hot days with little to nothing to do. I'm missing those days.

Someday, I'm going to be bored and wondering why I ever thought being bored was a good thing. As for our busy summer, mostly it is just the same ole same ole.

Work, school, kids... and repeat.

Meanwhile, Lazy Sue or should I say Lazy Krissi has climbed her rear back upon the bike. I kind of kept my mouth shut about it for a couple weeks because we all know how fast I give up on exercise.

I am the queen of exercise excuses. I say that but really my only excuse is sleep. I like sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep is wonderful!

Okay, you get the point. However, through sure grit, determination, and a lot of self bribery I am on my third week of exercise.

Hey, where are my balloons and streamers?

It should so work that way. I exercise and instantly loose 80 pounds. So not fair that it doesn't work like that. This week it is actually getting a little easier. Which basically means when I sit down on the bicycle seat I don't want to cry. Another thing I don't quite understand why is sitting on a bicycle seat so freak'n miserable.

I have now worked my way up to 12 miles and laugh that I ever rode a bike 100 miles. Did I really do that? Because, I am telling you 12 feels like torture so there is no possible way I ever did 100. It is amazing how quickly I gain weight, get out of shape, and basically blow all the hard work I put in.

It is like your suppose to never stop.


I'm not suppose to stop? You mean I have to do this every day for the rest of my life?

So NOT fair.

I think I need a brownie.

Just kidding.

Happy Monday Everyone

Oh, I almost forgot S. is having her stitches taken out today. Woo Hoo only four more weeks and Nemo will be free of the sling.

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Sharla said...

HA.. I discovered this recently. The "What you mean I have to continue to workout... EVERYDAY" UGH. What happened to the days when working out was something I did because I liked the sport. Now you mean I have to workout because I don't like where my hips have been going while I was trying to not