June 17, 2010

Girl's Pictures

It is that time of the year where I try to update the kid's pictures.

I wanted to have S.'s pictures taken before her surgery since I wasn't exactly sure how she would feel after the surgery.

We attended the 80th birthday party of my Grandma on the 5th and I took the girl's pictures shortly before we left.

Now I just have to grab the boy's pictures on a day they both are clean and spiffy. Not always an easy task.


This is not S.'s favorite but it happens to be mine. Probably because this is the face that I always get. Especially, when I say something intelligent. Because you know that she thinks everything I say is smart and witty.

I bet if you looked in the mirror right now you are making the same face.


This was actually my second favorite one of Al. The first one she had her glasses on and there was a reflection I can't get rid of. I can't believe how grown up she is looking in this picture. A reminder that all of the little ones are growing up.

Does anyone know how to stop all of this growing up business?


Me, Myself and I said...

Let me know when you figure out how to stop the growing up because we're sprouting weeds over here! Too big too fast!

Me, Myself and I said...

I gave you a Sunshine Award because your blog is awesome!
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Sharla said...

S looks just like you. There are times when I'm looking at her and I'm thinking back to when we were that age and I swear this is you. Really does play tricks on me. This morning it made me sorta misty that you got a girl in your image. Lucky You!