June 15, 2010

Goat for Sale?

Sunday night at dinner, Al asked if we could get a goat.


“Ummm, why do you want a goat?” I asked.

“Because they are cute!” she replied.

“Probably not?” I responded.

“But Why?” she asked.

Oh boy, how I hate these conversations, because if she understood the why’s she would not be asking me for a goat to begin with. Besides that I was tired and I really didn’t want to have the conversation, “Why we should not get a goat.” So tired and not in the mood to argue I said, “Tell you what if you can go the entire summer without fighting with anyone then we will get a goat.”

“Really, I can get my very own goat if I don’t fight with anyone all summer.”


In my mind, I was thinking it is not ever going to happen. Seriously, I don’t even remember the last time we made it 6 hours without someone fighting with someone. The whole summer! No goat for us and no long conversation. It was a total win, win conversation.

Then A. popped in. “I don’t want a goat I want an Xbox 360.”

It was at this time I was feeling cocky. “Sure, I replied you go the whole summer not fighting with anyone and you can get an Xbox, and you can get a goat.”

In my head, I was laughing hysterically. BECAUSE they would not even make it 24 hours.

I was feeling all kinds of smart. Almost like, I could write a book. “How Not to Argue with your Kids.” A few hours later A. came to me and said, “Mom, three months is a long time what if I trade one month of not arguing for one month of cleaning the kitchen.”

“Let me get this straight you’re going to clean the kitchen everyday for a month and not fight for two months for an X-box.”


“Okay,” I said. Because it is not ever going to happen.

Except now we are two days into this little deal, there has been NO fighting, and my kitchen is clean. I am feeling like maybe I should not have been so cocky.

Anyone know where I can buy a goat?


Angie said...

I'm sure we know a guy. ;) But goats are smelly!!!! You sure you know what you're getting yourself into? Hahaha.

{Staci} said...

found you through blogher, hysterical. i have actually always wanted a dairy goat. it could be fun, right?? hope that fighting and kitchen thing works out for ya.