June 01, 2010

Hands Up, It's a Party!

This morning Myself and Me had a long conversation.

Myself, is a little irked at Me.

Because Me has not been getting herself out of bed and getting her growing rear to the gym.

Me claims sleep is way more important than workouts.

Me says, “Sleep good, Sweat BAD!”

Myself has had about enough of lazy ME.

Several threats later and Me was begrudgingly on her way to the gym. Stupid gym!

At the gym, up the stairs, iPod powered on, and on to the elliptical Me went. Me was not happy as her legs began to move.

Then suddenly one of Me’s favorite songs came on. Then Me boogied. Me moved her rear and Me felt great.

Oh endorphins! Endorphins are way better than chocolate. Except for the whole getting out of bed, getting to the gym, and moving quickly.

Myself is not saying I told you so but you know she is thinking it.

Meanwhile, Me is wondering what other people think when they see her at the gym with her IPOD.
Turns out that when she puts her earphones in she forgets that she isn’t a rock star.

So she dances, sings the chorus, and moves her bootie. She wonders why know one else is dancing. But I think we have already covered the fact that Me is a little slow. However, she knows how to rock Green Day.


Me, Myself and I said...

Me needs to get it in gear! Good thing Myself is around. Could you have your Myself give my Myself a kick in the butt? I really need to go to the gym.

When I do go to the gym I dance all over the place. Around equipment, in water aerobics class. People stare, I don't care.

Once, when I worked in the campus library, I was dancing at work - leaping while closing up the top floor - and my coworkers thought books were falling off the shelves.

So (moral of this too long comment) - rock on, sister, rock on. You need to practice lip-syncing to Lady Gaga anyhow. The gym seems like a fine place to do that.

Hilary said...

It is SO hard to get up.
It does feel good though.
And then it makes me tired. :)