June 23, 2010

I Act like I'm 90

Yesterday was my first day back in the water. I have to admit that I approached going back to the pool with a little bit of dread. Being in the water working with kids for four hours makes me feel old. by the time I get out I am starving and tired. I came home yesterday ate lunch and took a nap. GEESH! You would think I was 90.

However, by the time my first class was over I was reminded how dang cute the kids are. Not to mention how rewarding it is to gain all the little one's trust and teach them a new skill. I really do enjoy it.

You are all going to reminded me I said that over the next few weeks, RIGHT?

As for the rest of the family. They are doing good we are having a lazy summer as we take it easy and let S. recover. She is doing good. Her pain is way down and only when she does to much does she start hurting. She and Brent have started walks. She is trying to keep in shape the best she can with only one arm. Yesterday there walk lasted over an hour so she must be on the mend.

Also, yesterday A. took a nasty spill on his bike. It stopped my heart a little when he came into the house with a torn shirt and major road rash across is chest. I didn't quite understand what he had done but he spent the rest of the day in pain. I'm also guessing by the look of his chest he may be out of the water for the rest of the week.

'This is the only picture I was allowed to take. So it is a bit blurry. We eventually found out what he was doing and all I can say is boys sometimes are not the smartest of creatures.

I figure at this rate this family is going to be a family of gimps by the end of the summer. The clock is ticking and I now have a work schedule to follow. Hope your enjoying the summer and getting plenty of sun.


Angie said...

Crazy boys!!!!! So what exactly did he do? Tell me later. :) Looks very painful. Poor guy.

Me, Myself and I said...

Fun to be back in the pool! Swimming + exercise + dealing with kids = bigtime nap. for sure!

OUCH, dude! PS - did you realize you used his full name?

I have a pool + owie story. The toddler slipped down the stairs and hit her head on the metal bar. Delightful.