June 12, 2010

Post Op

We are three days post op and S. is doing great.

Her pain is mellowing out and she is in great spirits.

We found out this week that she is looking at 12 months before she can expect to be 100%.

During the surgery the surgeon used scopes and we were able to have pictures of what was going on in her shoulder. It was nice because after lots of speculation about what happened to her shoulder we were able to see that swimming happened to her shoulder.

It was kind of a good news bad news moment. Turns out that S. is just super flexible the surgeon told us that all of her joints have lots of flexibility. Which makes her a great swimmer. However, given that she is already flexible swimming worked to stretch her out even more. Leading to the muscles in her shoulder becoming too loose to hold her shoulder in place.

Obviously, I am concerned that continuing to swim will cause more damage. When I asked the surgeon about this he feels that we should worry about it when we need to worry about it. They did check her right shoulder during surgery and feel that there is no problem.

I’m not really the type of person that doesn’t worry about things until I have to. I am more the type who worries about everything. I just keep thinking about how much S. loves to swim and reminding myself that she may never have to do this again or she might. Is it worth pulling her out of the pool for what might happen?

Ultimately, it is the type of question that parents are always asking. What is best for my kid? However, she is getting older and more and more I am stepping back and letting her make decisions on her own.

Again not really the type of person that I am.

Below are the surgery pictures. Kind of cool if your interested.

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Colleen said...

I truly hope that S. will be able to keep swimming. She is so talented! I hope her recovery goes very well.