July 07, 2010

NOT Fair

My husband thinks I hate my swimming job.

Which is not the truth.

I really don't hate my swimming job. What I hate is getting wet.

The whole getting wet is annoying.

Getting use to cold water, getting chlorine in my hair and on my skin, getting out of the water...

That is what I hate. I know I'm a weirdo.

Most days once I'm wet I kick back and enjoy my job. I get to spend a few hours playing with little ones and as my little ones are no longer so little I am really enjoying the hugs and the cute little giggles.

So really if I could do my job and not get wet I would think it was the best job in the world.

Currently, in addition to my normal classes, I am working with two special needs kids. Both kids are mentally high functioning it is there bodies that have special needs. The more I work with these kids the more I just want to cry.

How many times on this blog have I said something wasn't fair? Well I take all of those back.

Working with these kids I realize that the one trial I haven't had to deal with is a body that doesn't work the way it should.

Oh yah, I whine and complain about weight but really that is my own dang fault. I have control over how much I weigh and I chose the way I look.

These kids didn't get to choose. Yet, they have to get up and deal with the same world that I do everyday. That my friends is NOT fair.

Meanwhile, all I can do is spend my time with them each day teaching them a skill that makes them a little more like everybody else. I don't know if it makes there lives better but I know seeing the kind of bravery that they have and that there families have makes me a little stronger.

It also really really makes me love my job. Even if it means I have to get wet.

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