July 19, 2010

Wanted: Juggling Teacher

Creating balance in my life is never an easy task.

I personally feel like there is always that one thing that weighs so much heavier than everything else. Pulling me so far away from everything else that I am suppose to be doing that I start to loose sight and become totally consumed.

Currently, that is the way I am feeling about school it is pulling on me so hard that I can't find the time to do everything else I have to do, should do, or even want to do. Honestly, it is scaring me a little how time consuming school has become and how I have not been able to find the balance between school and the rest of my life.

Then I remind myself I have been here before. In this place where balance seems impossible to achieve. Somehow when balance is my goal I find it.  Only I can't remember exactly how I did it in the past and the weight of everything is getting a little heavy.

The one aspect of my life I am missing right now is writing. I really enjoy keeping up this blog it is the time of day that I get to reflect on what is working and not working in my life. It makes me happy and I love hearing from my friends even if it is only a few words in the comment section.

I guess that is the way you reclaim balance you just make everything work. You throw all those balls in the air and hope that you are able to keep them all there. Which means I need to schedule a juggling lesson. Anyone know a good teacher?

Hugs and Prayers

1 comment:

SAS said...

I definantly get it. Lists. The only way I know how to keep track of it all! Except when I misplace the list of course!